Choosing the right fertilizer for deer food plots

Choosing the right fertilizers will help grow the best food plots & give better nutrition to your deer herd. 

For absolute best results, take soil samples on each plot.

Soil analysis will tell you exactly what is needed to strengthen the growth & nutrition of your food plots

Commonly used fertilizer blends for food plots include...

13-13-13 is a classic blend that has been used on food plots for years & is best for those without soil samples.


16-4-8 is great for growing grass, and a cost efficient blend that will give similar results as a 13-13-13.


16-16-16 will give you the best bang for your buck. It will give your soil more nutrients for a little extra cost.


8-24-24 is used mostly on legumes (Clover, Peas, and Soybeans). The high phosphorus and potassium will help strengthen the soil & put out beneficial nutrients.

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30-0-0 is a high nitrogen blend that will give plots a beautiful dark green and lush growth. 

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We recommend to put this blend out late in the season. This will provide tender growth later in the season that will help attract more deer.

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